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Hi, I am Steven Berridge

Englisch teacher and Coach

Professional preparation for your English job interview.

Best interview preparation

Because you are reading these words, you are clearly aware of the importance of your English skills for your professional future. I can only congratulate you on that. Many people underestimate the potential difficulties in the application process and overlook the pitfalls.

Expert advice

I have successfully guided countless enthusiastic job candidates through the application process in my career as a professional English tutor, which began in 1994.

I will help you to be successful!

Use your full potential.

As a native Brit, I have a certain home advantage that can also be of great benefit to you. With me you don’t get a standard application package, but individual and targeted preparation 100% tailored to you and your needs.

Interview simulation / mock interviews

Proofreading of your documents

Analysis by video recording

Joint preparation of application letter / letter of motivation

Training for e-mail correspondence

Up-to-date design of your curriculum vitae

Targeted training of weak points: from appearance to vocabulary

We are pursuing the same goal:

When it comes down to it, you have to be ready to overcome this professional hurdle and convince interviewers with confident English at the job interview.

Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Fairness is a top priority for me. This is also reflected in my rates. You will see: This individual preparation is worth every cent!

So don’t procrastenate: sign up online for my application training that really works:



Claudia from Dortmund

“I applied for a job and found out a few days before my interview that it would be in English. My first reaction was “panic”. Luckily I found Steve who was able to practice all the relevant questions and answers with me at short notice. I got the job.”

6 May, 2022

Bernd from Freiburg

“My new company wanted my application documents in both German and English. I am glad that Steve went through the documents with me and was able to make some necessary corrections.”

8 June, 2022

Thomas from Siegen

“The job application training with Steve helped me to appear much more confident. We had practised many of the questions that came up in the interview.”

27 Mai, 2022

Annette from Duisburg

“A big thank you to Steve. Through his targeted application training with me, I was able to go into my interview well prepared. With his professional and patient help, I got my dream job.”

2, Juni 2022

Value for money

My price-performance ratio is really something to be proud of.


With me you get professionally translated texts when you need them.


Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL)
Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 2002
Master Diploma in TESOL 2003

Professional experience since 1994.

Give yourself the best possible chance of getting the job of your dreams by preparing yourself expertly.


Single lesson

One lesson of 25 minutes costs only €23.99 (including VAT).

10-lesson package:

Ten lessons of 25 minutes each cost €215.99 (1 lesson free – VAT included).

30-lesson package:

Thirty lessons of 25 minutes each cost €623.99 (4 lessons free – VAT included).

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about online classes. You can find the answers here.

How many lessons will I need?

That depends on how intensive you want the training to be. Normally 2 – 3 hours of practice with me is sufficient.

Do I need any particular documents?

Not especially. I can supply you with PDFs of popular questions asked, with sample answers. It would be helpful if you could send me a  copy of your curriculum vitae, which I can use for part of our mock interview

Does it matter which job I apply for?

Yes, the area of business doesn’t matter, because in most cases the same generic questions are asked. However, you may need to practise for technical questions that may be asked.


How long is an online lesson?

The duration of each lesson is 25 minutes. Usually people book a double lesson.

How much does a lesson cost?

You can find the simple and fair price structure here.

How can I pay?

Lessons can be paid for (in advance of the lesson) either by bank transfer or PayPal.

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